Grise Mine

Name, nationality, town/country

Mathieu Quinnez, French, Annecy.

What is the process that drives you to be the artist you are today?

I don’t really have specific background, moreover, it’s more a hobby during my free time between work and the family life.

I never studied art or had drawing training. To tell the truth I drew a lot when I was a child, and two or three years ago, I wanted to get back in a little bit more seriously.

3 adjectives that define you the best?

Is it a job application? Ahah

What are your influences? your work inspiration?

I have diverse influences, I have never followed art history lessons, then art is more a feeling for me.

I was, and I am very influenced by the universe of the Skateboard, the Snowboard and also the Tattoo.

I like mixing things which do not go together at first sight, to play with words, or still to transpose quotations or expressions on paper.

Your working technique(s) (pen, stencil, paint, ink, digital…)?

I remain very classic for the moment, some paper, a pencil, a black felt and that’s it! I love particularly the black and white, I do not really work with colors… But who knows what the future is made of? The door remains open…

With which artist are you dreaming (dreamed) to work (even dead artist)?

The Gonz (Mark Gonzales), one of my youth idols, skater, artist and completely fucked up.

If you have to choose one book or magazine?

Thrasher Magazine, what else?

Is music important for you, especially in your work process? what are you listening now?

I always draw with earphones. The music is essential, it helps me to motivate me, to calm down, everything depends on the need of the moment.

At the moment, I listen to different artists like: Queen Of the Stone Age, Seasick Steve, Arch Fire, Future Island, Mac Demarco, Johnny Cash.

The website you’re visiting every day?

It is not really a website, but I spend quite a lot of time surfing on Instagram. What is cool, it is that you can find hundreds of people who have an incredible talent and who are totally unknown.

If you have to leave for one month in a desert place, what are the 3 « things » you will bring with you?

If I imagine that in a “survival” mode: a knife, a flint and a gourd … But I believe that I would not remain alive for a very long time. ; -)

A funny story to tell?

I didn’t have a 2 wheels when I was a teenager. Then I used to hitch a ride and one day, a guy with a motorcycle and an extra helmet stopped. I believe that he was excited and especially wanted to show me he was the best pilot in the world. He was so excited, I had the feeling that we would never arrive at destination. ; -)


Instagram: @grise_mine