Manu Landwood

Name, nationality, town/country

Emmanuel Bonnaty, AKA Manu Landwood, French but born in Colombia, raised in Africa and perverted in France…

What is the process that drives you to be the artist you are today?

In fact, I’m drawing since I’m able to handle a pen. One-child, I had to do something to keep busy!

Arrived in France in adolescence, I begin to skate and discover urban art (graffiti, writings…) in the places I was riding in and graphic design thanks to mags such as Urban or Tricks magazine. I finally studied art in Lyon, France and then had different professional experiences in communication agency, printing company or garments design… And for some time now, I’m doing some works in the vintage motorcycles universe, for Vintage Racing Spirit association and Age of Glory notably…

3 adjectives that define you the best?

Hedonist, curious and funny (sometimes…)

What are your influences? your work inspiration?

As said before, I was quite a lot influenced by the 90’s skate culture. Instagram, a few accounts in particular, has become one of my biggest inspiring source, illustration wise. I’m a huge fan of the subtility of Petites luxures, the Japanese illustration style of  Yeaaah Studio and many amazing sign painters.. I’m also really impressed by the photos from Laurent Nivalle.

Your working technique(s) (pen, stencil, paint, ink, digital…)?

Professionally, I’m using a lot a graphic tablet because I can save time with, and optimise my work flow. But I’m also working with different tools such as kids felts, markers, pencils, ballpoint pens, spray cans, linocut … And for the photos, my cell phone or my reflex.

With which artist are you dreaming (dreamed) to work (even dead artist)?

Good question… I don’t really  know… Oh yes, if one… I would have loved to follow Hugo Pratt, the Corto Maltese’s comics author, in one of his trips…

If you have to choose one book or magazine?

One magazine, that would be MAX, that I loved to read but it’s not edited anymore. And for a book, hard to choose only one… Then… “Conan” de Howard, “L’enfant” (the kid) from Jules Vallès and the “Fabuleux voyage de Nils Holgersson à travers la Suède” (Nils Holgersson’s Wonderful Journey through Sweden) from Selma Lagerlof. As for a comics, Corto Maltese from Hugo Pratt and also “La balade de la mer salée” (Ballad of the salt sea) or “La maison dorée de Samarkand” (the golden house of Samarkand)… 

Is music important for you, especially in your work process? what are you listening now?

I’m always listening to music and mainly listening to my own playlist (a big mix of rock, blues and others vintage motorcycle inspiring songs).  But I also have some US Hip Hop, Electro, soul or Afro music compilations that I’m regularly listening to.

The website you’re visiting every day?

I’m spending a lot of time on Instagram, and a bit on Facebook to interact and discuss with my community. Pinterest as well. I truly regret the closing of that was a huge source of inspiration for me.

If you have to leave for one month in a desert place, what are the 3 « things » you will bring with you?

A knife, a notebook and pencil, and a fishing pole.

A funny story to tell ?

When I was 15th, my parents offer me a brand-new scooter. I was so proud that I wanted to ride it to go to school the day after getting it. The problem was, that morning, it was raining as hell. My parents told me to do not take the bike, but I didn’t want to listen to them and decide to go to school with my 2 wheels even if the weather was really bad… 1km further, a truck overpassed me, it surprises me and then I put my front wheel outside of the road and felt. I did a rad jump over the handlebar and slide over 10m. Nothing broken or even twisted, but the following Saturday, the bike was already out of order in the garage…


Instagram: @landwood_mc