Vintage leather chest protector

There was a time when the riders, mostly from desert races or motocross, wore pretty breastplates, slightly padded, as protectors; protectors rather sketchy to tell. It was before the time of the racing bibs which were mainly used by the sponsors of the events. These breastplates were often made of textile fabric and padded with a light foam. A very futile «armor» but which gave a unique style! We wanted to recreate the spirit of this breastplate, much more for style than for safety, but by trying to work it in a more «classy» way, like a collector’s piece, using leather. This breastplate will not replace your usual protections*, it will just perfect your look.

We propose you to make your own, with the different options of leather colors that are available to you and the number of your choice (two digits maximum). Each product is handmade by a craftsman in France. As a result, once ordered and manufacturing process started, it will no longer be possible to cancel your order and be refunded. It takes an average of 6 weeks of manufacturing time before we can ship the product.

*It may be difficult to reconcile the wearing of your usual protections with the wearing of this breastplate. We tested it with a single approved spine protector and the wearing of the breastplate was compatible. But we cannot guarantee this for all other kind of protections or your own.



  • – Leather chest protector
  • – Leather clamping straps with metal buckles
  • – Custom numbers in leather, hand cut and stitched on the chest protector.
  • – Availabilities of the leather colors can vary upon availabilities of the tannery

IMPORTANT: The chest protector is made once ordered and paid. The manufacturing process can last until 6 weeks. All orders are definitive and can’t be cancelled or refund (as every chest protector is manufactured on customer order). Thanks for your comprehension.

WARNING: this chest protector is a vintage accessory, to complete your vintage look. Don’t consider it as a real protection to ride a motorcycle. It doesn’t bring you a protection that a modern chest protection could give you. Style is the message!

Additional information

Weight 1,5 kg

Blue, Red, White, Black, Brown

Numbers color

Black, Brown, White, Camel, Red, Blue


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