Age of Glory, is a new brand offering vintage & lifestyle garments and accessories. Inspired by classic motorcycle clothing and enhanced with cured details, we mixed our various influences to design garments that can be worn in your everyday life.




”To go for a trip or in the daily life, Age of Glory allows to be perfectly equipped, without sacrificing to the comfort or to the style.
Be yourself, simply.”



Latest News


The Catalina Grand Prix

The Catalina Grand Prix was a motorcycle race held annually between 1950 and 1958 on the island of Santa Catalina off the coast of Los Angeles. The races were hotly contested, and the rules that governed races on the mainland didn’t apply – meaning it was a hotbed of race testing with cutting edge parts…


Ducati 750 GT by Egerie Moto

If you’re living in France, just go buying the new magazine Petrol Head (from the same team as Moto heroes and Auto heroes). That’s a nice new magazine dedicated to the 2 wheels machines: only related to bikes and all the things that turn around (parts, accessories, craftmens…). In this first edition you will be…


The One Moto Show

It’s winter time in Portland, OR in USA, and the guys from See See Motorcycles hosted their 9th edition of the #1 Moto Show. A good opportunity to see vintage and unique custom bikes in a perfect place. “9 years ago, we hosted the very first One Motorcycle Show in an old abandoned warehouse. The…


Wheels & Waves by Nick Clements

Here is a great throwback to the last Wheels & Waves edition through the eye of Nick Clements. A nice series of short sequences which summarize quite well the spirit of this edition. Enjoy!

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