Vintage Racing Challenge

If you are a fan of the famous documentary/movie On Any Sunday (RIP Bruce Brown), you probably saw many times those amazing images of the 1969 Grand National Championship with legendary riders such as Mert Lawwill, Gene Romero, Dick Mann, Dave Aldana and many others…

Our friend at Vintage Racing Spirit in France tried since 2016 to arise the flat Track community in France and this year they did a great job for promoting this sport. They organized 2 races in 2 different places, with 2 different tracks. One was smaller and more technical and the other was longer and faster. A lot of different bikes were registred, some vintage like the Rickman Metisse from Franck Chatokhine or these Vintage Triumph trackers from Christophe Canitrot (owner of Eastside Shop in Toulouse) and Michel Colaizzi the “Flying Swiss”.



In the Youngtimer class, we saw some nice custom Flat track bikes based on more recent bikes such as Honda Dominator or Suzuki DR600. But I bet you won’t be able to recognize them! They were totally transformed and some of them look really gorgeous. The Decombard, father & son, did some of them and were competing as well.



We were also registred with our stunning DR600 (so in love…) and we had a blast riding on these 2 tracks in the youngtimer class. A third place in Mâcon and Fourth place in Morizès, quite promising for next year! For sure we will be there again!


Check some more pics on Vintage Racing Spirit website:
Vintage Racing Spirit – Morizes Challenge

Photos by Florent Jadot, Nicolas Serre et Landwood