CE Certification of our Leather Jackets

Since the beginning of Age of Glory, we always tried to pay attention to all the little details to offer you products that we are proud of, in term of design but quality as well. Sticking to this philosophy, and after having my gloves CE certified at the start of this adventure, we wanted to do the same with our leather jackets. Our 3 leather jacket styles are now CE certified under the last norm: EN17092-3:2020 – AA.

KINGPIN Leather Jacket
available in Brown and Black

ROGUE Leather Jacket
available in Brown, Black and Camel

ROCKER Leather Jacket
available in “used” Black

This certification process has been made with the French laboratory CTC. Tests proved that current production was already reaching the norm standards.

During the whole process, the products themselves and all seams and fabrics independently are physically and chemically tested in regard of the EN 17092-3:2020 norm: tear strength and abrasion (Darmstadt) tests are the most demanding tests. These tests are simulating some crashes situation and evaluate how long the product is protecting the rider.

This new certification will grant you to wear our product with a certain security level, without betraying the style and lifestyle look, which is very important to me. But of course, a Ce certified jacket does not protect you in any circumstances, the best is to drive safely!