Ducati 750 GT by Egerie Moto

If you’re living in France, just go buying the new magazine Petrol Head (from the same team as Moto heroes and Auto heroes). That’s a nice new magazine dedicated to the 2 wheels machines: only related to bikes and all the things that turn around (parts, accessories, craftmens…).

In this first edition you will be able to discover the work of our friend Nico from Egerie Moto through his last release: A beautiful Ducati 750 GT from 1972, completely restored. For more details, check the magazine.

Photos by Studio Cambouis

You can check a small video featuring this Ducati 750 GT  in all its angles and in action as well:
Ducati 750 GT on Youtube

Go buying this magazine, and stay aware, Nico and us are preparing something… Stay tuned!