Au guidon des légendes du motocross vintage Honda et Husqvarna

Behind the bar of two vintage MX icons

Husky WR, Honda Elsinore… Names that smell like California. But especially thrill machines always ideal for getting lost in the forest in the middle of November.  

We discovered this place while we were looking for the fresh air of the reliefs during a hot summer. An ideal playground where we promised to come back and have fun with our vintage mx bikes to illustrate our 2023 Lookbook. “we” is Alexandre (AKA Doctor Biclou), and I am Sébastien, the founder of Age of Glory.

Honda 250 Elsinore 1973 mx

Since we’re better behind a handlebar than behind a camera, we bring with us our buddies Morgan and Alban in our truck to immortalize the session. Before we fill up on gas and start the first one, let’s introduce these two vintage motocross bikes of the day:

A 1972 Husqvarna 450 WR restored by Alexandre and a 1973 Honda CR 250 Elsinore borrowed from Jonathan of the 1984 SC workshop. Two AMA GP stars in the US in the 70’s in the hands of Marty Smith, Steve Mc Queen or Malcolm Smith. Was it a good idea to bring perfectly restored machines to this adventure? Wait and see…

Between lakes and fir forests, we prepare our equipment for the day. Helmets, masks, CE certified leather gloves – safety above all for this kind of exercise. And of course classic jersey that perfectly matches with our respective bikes!

The weather is mild (editor’s note – for the moment), we appreciate our Desert pants that keep us warm this mid-season. In 3 hours the pants should be unrecognizable, but worn by two drivers with a blissful smile!

Vintage yellow motorcycle gloves leather
Honda 250 CR Elsinore jersey shirt in black color
Husqvarna vintage motocross jersey
Vintage motocross pants by Age of Glory

Two – Three kicks later, the Honda CR 250 Elsinore and the Husqvarna WR 450 are back to life. Alex demonstrates his skills as a Flat Track pro racer on the first portions of gravel. Not really pre-designed for this kind of exercise, both machines are ready to play this game.

The place is cut off from the world, we take advantage of the wide tracks to make our engines scream and enjoy the relative top speed of both bikes.

A last jump to ensure that the shock absorbers are responding well, then the path fades and plunges us into a forest with lush vegetation. The terrain becomes muddier and forgives driving mistakes, the Honda is easier in my hands.

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Pantalon moto trail desert pants
Gants de moto blancs en cuir
Classic Ride Dirty motocross clothing
Vintage motocross jacket jersey
Le tee-shirt LS tee rouge Age of Glory vintage

This is the moment I perceive the perfect symbiosis rider – machine. The one that makes you feel free, the one that makes you drive “better” and have a little more fun at every turn. We drive this way until the lunch break, at this innkeeper who heard us arrive far away.

‘See that big black cloud there? – After a dish of the day swallowed quickly, it was time to get back on the saddle to roll a few more miles in the dry. Here we landed in a large meadow strewn with trees collapsed by the last storm. While Alex was playing making donuts behind the handlebars of the Husqvarna to sprinkle our photographers, a flash of lightning falls less than 200 meters from us. Then a torrential rain marks the end of the day and the beginning of the storm. We reach the trucks as quickly as possible under waterspouts that fill the ravines and complicate any ground contact for our motocross bikes. Our Age of Glory jerseys are soon completely covered in mud. Only thunder disturbs the brooap of our machines.

No problem! These last kilometers in an apocalyptic atmosphere will remain in the pantheon of my best moments behind a handlebar. It is for these moments that I have worked all these years to create a line of classic clothes for the motorcycle. So that you too in your turn you taste the pleasures of vintage two-wheelers.

Honda CR 250 et Husqvarna 450 t-shirt jersey
Husqvarna WR 450 CR cross vintage
Sebastien Gerodias - Age of glory leather garments