The 1 Moto show 2019

This year the 1Moto show in Portland celebrated its 10th anniversary. In 10 years, this US motorcycle show became one of the most influent in US, showcasing a wide variety of custom bikes.

10 years ago, we hosted the very first One Motorcycle Show in an old abandoned warehouse. The show is crafted to celebrate the weird, rare, and unconventional bikes that we love in a way that everyone can enjoy. We started out with no idea how we’d pull this off, let alone what might happen afterwards, or the expectation we’d be doing it for the next 10 years. It’s hard to believe how this has all come together! Our driving force to keep going is the feeling that we’re adding to something that we love. We want to give back to motorcycling. We want to be inclusive and inspire people to participate.” Thor, See See Motorcycles.

Here are some bikes you were able to see there and that we particularly like, thanks to for the pics.

1977 Yamaha TT 500 by Haggard & Proud

1971 Triumph by Ian Howie

Zero FXS by Huge Moto

Alt Redshift by Blatant Moto

1972 Jawa 500 Speedway by Kick Start Garage

1972 Suzuki TM250 by Matthew Johnston

1949 Norton by Don Thorsen

1965 BSA by David Bright

1971 Triumph by Dirt Biscuit

1937 Indian Scout by Jim Meadows

Harley “Revival House” XG750 by Colin Cornberg

Harley Supercharged “Evel XG” by Colin Cornberg

1964 Cousteau Lightning Rocket by Kelly Green

1983 Yamaha XS650 by Logan Mac Donald

Yamaha XS650

1979 Yamaha XT500 by Red Clouds Collective

1986 Honda CR125R by Sean Copenhaver

1975 Honda CB350 by The Heap

1949 Harley-Davidson by Blatant Moto

1991 BMW K75 by Spoken Moto

1969 Triumph by Sketchy Pete